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Conclusion of the program “Electronic Governance of Local Governance Agencies

The Local governance center organized a training program entitled “Electronic Governance of Local Governance Agencies “, which was held at Prince Sultan University. The program lasted for three days during the period from Sunday 16/1/1441 H corresponding to 15/9/2019 AD until Tuesday 18/1/1441 H corresponding to 17/9/2019 AD. The program was presented by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jabri, Lecturer, Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Industrial Management, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The program was also attended by a number of employees of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Amanat Riyadh region, Amanat Baha region, and amanat the province of Baljurashi. Ms. Hessa Al-Ajmi, a researcher in the Yusr Smart Government Development Division, participated as a guest of the program.

The program introduced the concepts and principles of e-governance and its importance in the light of technical progress and national vision. The models of e-government services and success factors affecting their implementation were explained. The program also included an explanation of the strategies for the provision of government services electronically, and an introduction to performance indicators for these services. The program included many discussion and dialogue sessions, as well as several exercises to apply the concepts and material presented.