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Germany’s Most Prestigious University and KSCLG Join Forces To Examine Regional Councils

The King Salman Center for Local Governance is proud to announce a new international research partnership with Heidelberg University. Known as Germany’s oldest standing university, Heidelberg ranks in the upper echelon of the global academy, standing in at #1 in the country by number of Nobel Laureates and the prestigious International Shanghai Ranking.

KSCLG and Jun. Prof. Anna Growe from the Regional Governance Working Group of the Institute of Geography will begin their research by working on a comparative research project titled ‘Regional Councils – A Global Perspective’.

The team will strategically analyze how regional councils operate in other countries and which factors make them successful in their mandates; by studying and researching regional councils from all over the world, they aim to deliver new insights into the performance of regional councils worldwide. “The results of this research,” they say, “will provide new solutions, pioneer, and innovate the development of Saudi regional councils.”

This research project is the first in a series of studies that will benefit the Kingdom’s 13 regional councils fulfill their mandates in the most effective, efficient, and elegant manner. Serving as the key representative element of regional governance, regional councils are a crucial component of balanced, sustainable, and resourceful local development. To fulfill and improve this vital role in the Kingdom, the KSCLG is committed to expanding its research and development in this area to present new understandings and ideas to the improvement of the Saudi regional council system.

Stay up to date by bookmarking our website and following our social media accounts to track the latest developments of this project until the final report is released in April 2017.