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New Research Will Change The Way We See Entrepreneurship In The Kingdom

The King Salman Center for Local Governance is proud to announce a new partnership with the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center.

The Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, also known as Wa’ed, promotes entrepreneurship and encourages local SMEs to succeed by offering funding support, advisory guidance, and tools to nurture entrepreneurs and their businesses. The historic partnership between these two agencies aims to research new and innovative ways to stimulate the growth of Saudi entrepreneurship.

Kicking off the 5-year partnership are two groundbreaking research projects: the impact of socio-cultural factors on the behavior, intentions, and success of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom and the opportunities, factors, and challenges women face in the entrepreneurial sector.

Through this initial investigation, the KSCLG-Wa’ed partnership will uncover, understand, and analyze the underlying factors that permeate the socio-cultural environment faced by both current and potential entrepreneurs. In addition, they aim to identify and provide solutions that will encourage and enable Saudi entrepreneurs (especially women) to succeed with their startup businesses and companies.

To help reach the goals set by Saudi Vision 2030, KSCLG recognizes that a stronger local Saudi entrepreneurial sector is a stronger Saudi Arabia.

Since SMEs account for nearly 90% of the Kingdom’s businesses, one of KSCLG’s research objectives is to foster local economic development through entrepreneurship. Other domains of research include urban and regional governance, citizen engagement, public policy, and institutional capacity building – all of which are crucial to KSCLG’s mission and the Kingdom’s development in line with the 2030 Vision.

The King Salman Center for Local Governance is thrilled to collaborate with the Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center; together, they hope to pioneer the path for Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurship sector to flourish.